Month: July 2013

Check Out My New Weight Loss Toy!


If you were paying attention on Monday you probably saw my blog about weight loss. (If not you can read it HERE)

Well my friend, colleague and fellow blogger Nikki read it and she introduced me to BODYMEDIA. We have been talking about weight issues for a few years now and she asked me to try out this Body Monitoring Weight Management System by BODYMEDIA. Basically this piece of equipment does everything!

You basically plug it into your computer or connect to your smartphone, create a profile and exercise goals and you are on your way to losing weight. How does it work you ask? You wear it on around your arm and it tracks all the information you want it to such as steps, calories burned and length of physical activity. Oh and it even tracks your sleep!! This little piece of equipment could be the game changer I need to get and stay on track! Feel free to visit the WEBSITE to learn more about the BODYMEDIA system.

I look forward to sharing the results and giving a more in-depth review of the product!

If the product looks familiar its because you have seen it on the television show The Biggest Loser. This is the product all the contestants used!

So thank you Nikki for letting me be the one to test this out!

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Local DJ Turns Global Star! Randy Boyer!

The early 2000’s were a fun time for my friends and me. If it was a Friday or Saturday night we would all head to Northampton, MA and Club Metro and dance for hours upon hours. The house DJ was named DJ Ranpage and over time I got to know him well, since I was there every weekend! Ranpage at the time was spinning everything from hip hop to house, but you could tell his love was trance.

Over time he started getting some after-hour gigs in Hartford, CT at Insomnia and that when I saw his passion unfold! He had a local following, but his brand grew and became known better as Randy Boyer. I saw him perform his single Runaway and boom it was on.

Randy now performs internationally and in the United States with such DJ’s as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Darude. I know a lot of you aren’t sure who Darude is, but I will guarantee that you know this SONG. Randy has also joined forces with Daurde to create EnMass Music.

If you want to get a idea of what Randy Boyer does head over to iTunes and download the free Buzz Podcast. Its worth the time!

Here is No Limit by Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky feat. Cari Golden

You can learn more about Randy at his WEBSITE, including tour dates, booking information and a more in-depth bio.


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Hopefully Randy will be able to make his way down to the DC/Balto area soon because this is awesome!

Do You Candlepin Bro?


Chances are if you are not from New England or parts of Canada you have no idea what Candlepin Bowling is. I won’t get into the rules and how to bowl Candlepin, but you can read more HERE. One thing I will tell you is it is much harder than Ten Pin or Duckpin. There is always the argument that because the dead wood stays on the deck and you get three balls, Candlepin is easy. These are the same people that have never shot at a single pin with a wood tilted in the wrong direction and the only way to make the shot is to hit the dead wood on a dime sized spot, perfectly.

Over the net few weeks I am going to be posting about Candlepin to share this great New England and Canadian sport with hopes to spread how great the game truly is. Expect posts about the Mixed Teams that happens over the summer, the World’s event that happens in November and the Pro Series that is a year long event that is based off points.

P.S. I’ll leave you with a video of my only win on the Western New England Candlepin Association Pro Tour (sorry Richie)

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Did Eddie Lacy Eat the Rest of the Packers RBs?


So the picture on the left is from OTA’s earlier this summer and the picture on the right is from Packers Training Camp this past Monday! It looks like Eddie Lacy, the Green Bay Packers rookie running back ate his competition during the month off. The Packers drafted Lacy to come in and change the Green Bay running game because let’s be honest the running game has been terrible for a few years now. As a Packer fan, I was excited that they drafted Lacy, this kid could be the truth and would open up some passing lanes for Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers gets these open lanes I would be willing to bet they go to the Super Bowl this season. So Lacy let’s put down the Krispy Kreme’s and get back into shape.

Let’s be honest, I’m being a little unfair to Lacy. The first picture is in shorts and a jersey while the second picture is full pads and I would be willing to bet that he has some sort of rib protector on underneath that jersey. This kid is not going to try and break ankles, he is going to try and run you over! I look forward to watching him grow into an NFL running back and helping the Packers get back to the Super Bowl!

13.47 Pound Baby Born in Germany!



So I have been joking with Kate about how our baby is going to be born weighing around 10 lbs! Now I see this and we have to bring this to a whole new level, how can we get into the Guinness Book of World Records??? Wait, 13.47 pounds is only a record in Germany! There was a 15.7 pound boy born in Britain, oh wait still not a record! Before I get to the Guinness Book of World Records, record, let’s take a second and realize that this happened vaginally, no C-sections for these tough broads! So, by now you are asking if 15 lbs is not the world record, what is? 23 lbs 7 oz…

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest baby ever was born to Anna Bates of Canada in 1879. The 7’5″ mother and her 7’11” husband welcomed a 23 lb. 12 oz. baby boy, but he died 11 hours later. Read More

With all that being said, 8 lbs 3 oz is a perfect size for me. I would prefer that Little Debo didn’t come out of the womb with the ability to dunk, because mommy and daddy want to teach him/her how to shoot first! Although, I’ll probably leave that to Kate since she is a much better shot than I am!

Hey, Mayor Mike McGinn How Do those Ankles Feel??

So where to begin on this video?

Title of the Youtube video is “Tyreke Evans crosses up Seattle mayor with a Shammgod!”

First, I had to look up Shammgod and low and behold the move that Evans drops on McGinn is made famous by Providence College’s own God Shammgod! Wait what? God Shammgod is known for a move? He had a pretty decent career in college, but only lasted 20 games in the NBA!! You are going to tell me that no one else did that move, like wouldn’t it sound better to say that guy got “D-Rosed”!

Second, why in the world is a 53 year old even trying to cover an NBA player? Pretty much unfair, I mean even McGinn is shrugging and laughing like, really? Did you expect me to stop him? I get it is a pro-am event, but hey maybe Jamal Crawford should have been guarding Evans, oh wait he doesn’t play defense either.

Third, Have to give props to McGinn for coming back with a sick no look assist. Pretty damn sick if you ask me! To be honest after seeing that let’s get a team back in Seattle, that dime proved that professional basketball needs to be back in Seattle!

P.S. Great article about God Shammgod HERE


The Team Makes me Drink!

As a Green Bay Packers fan I would love to meet Coach Mike McCarthy! I think I speak for all people that have favorite teams when I say it would be an awesome experience, even this fan!


Joseph Grinwis got to meet the coach of his favorite team, the New York Jets, but maybe he wasn’t wearing the best shirt to ask for a picture. As seen above Grinwis was wearing his “This Team Makes Me Drink” t-shirt, but Rex Ryan obliged and even had a laugh about it.

Read about Rex Ryan’s reaction HERE

Got to give it to this guy! Wearing a t-shirt ragging on his favorite football and along comes Rex Ryan. What goes through his mind maybe I should go get a picture and he won’t even notice the shirt. Big time power move there!

P.S. Rex had to laugh at this right? I mean the Jets have been just terrible, who starts a QB who BUTT FUMBLES!!!