Month: October 2013

Green Bay Packers Power Rankings – Week 8



Sunday night’s win over the Minnesota Vikings, coupled with a Dallas Cowboys loss has given the Packers a very comfortable lead in the race for the 3rd seed in the NFC as long as they can hold off the Detroit Lions. After being a unanimous number 9 rank the last two weeks let’s see if the Packers have moved up the ladder. (Per usual, the links will bring you to the power rankings for the NFL. – 8 (9) – Time to create separation in the NFC North. Sunday night’s win against the Vikings kicked off a stretch of four games in six weeks against divisional opponents. – 9 (9) – Does it matter who Aaron Rodgers has catching his passes? The guy is special. – 9 (9) – It might not have been flashy, but Eddie Lacy was still running hard even as Packers-Vikings wound down Sunday night. The rookie got 29 carries — a rarity in today’s NFL — and fell just short of 100 yards. The point is, anything that helps the Packers take some of the focus off Aaron Rodgers– and anything that helps them give the injury-depleted defense a blow — is nothing short of crucial, especially with the Lions hanging on in the NFC North race.

ESPN moved the Packers up in their Power Rankings one spot to number eight. I’m not really surprised because they only played the Vikings and two of the teams ahead of them have beaten them. It’s going to take a loss by a team or two for the Packers to move up significantly, but as long as they stay in the division lead I’m ok with that.



Packers Win Fourth Straight – Week 8 Grades






The Green Bay Packers (5-2) beat the Minnesota Vikings (1-6) 44-31 to push their win streak to four games. Overall the game really wasn’t close as Aaron Rodgers just picked apart the Vikings defense and the Packers running backs just ran all over for a total of 182 yards. The score is not indicative of the game, the Cordarrelle Patterson brought the opening kick-off 109 yards for a touchdown and the Vikings scored two times in the fourth when the game as well out of reach. So on to the grading of week 8. (If you didn’t see my preview you can find it HERE.)

Keys to the Game

1. Adrian Peterson – Well I wouldn’t consider him shut down at 4.6 yards per carry, the issue was there just weren’t enough carries for Peterson to go off because the Vikings were down so big and quick. Peterson broke a few tackles on the touchdown run so if this game was close he could have got going. His longest was only 17 yards so it was successful! Sometimes the best defense of a good running game is scoring a lot of points. Grade B

2. Greg Jennings – Shut down. Again it helps when Christian Ponder is throwing to him, but the Packers have to play the schedule in front of them. When I say shut down, 1 reception for 9 yards on only 3 targets. Grade A

Micah Hyde had his first career punt return for touchdown on Sunday night

Micah Hyde had his first career punt return for touchdown on Sunday night

3. Special Teams – Man oh man, opening kick-off brought back 109 yards, but then Patterson got shut down. Micah Hyde brought a punt return back for a touchdown 91 yards. All field goals made by Mason Crosby and Tim Masthay didn’t have to punt once. Grade B

Player of the Game

I picked Jamari Lattimore and he didn’t live up to my prediction. Lattimore only had 1 sack and 3 tackles. Rodgers was the player of the game and I did bring that up, but didn’t want to go the easy way. Rodgers only missed 5 passes and threw 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. When he is in the zone some times it is not even fair. Grade D-

Rodgers did it with his feet Sunday night. 6 rushes for 31 yards

Rodgers did it with his feet Sunday night. 6 rushes for 31 yards


Well I predicted a win and that is what happened. I knew once the Packers had 38 points in the 3rd quarter my score choice was not happening. I couldn’t believe how many points the Packers let up, but that has been the Packers MO, let up points in the fourth quarter when the game is out of hand. Let’s just hope when they are in a close game they can play all 4 quarters. Grade C+

The Good

1. The entire offense was just clicking. Not one punt the whole game. Rodgers was 10-10 on 3rd down with 2 touchdowns. The team ran for 182 yards, it was just dominance by the Packers offense.

2. Mason Crosby made all 3 field goals attempted not bad for a kicker who was very close to getting cut this season. This dude was 68% on field goals last year and made Mike McCarthy go for it on 4th down many times last year when he shouldn’t of. Welcome back Crosby

The Bad

1. The tackling was bad. AP broke a ton of tackles, as did Toby Gerhart on his touchdown run. Matt Forte is coming to town next week need to lock it up next week.

2. 109 yards. 109 yards. A 109 yard kick-off return is just awful, can’t happen. Devin Hester is coming to town next week, I hope that the Packers can get their stuff together and kick the ball away from Hester because I can see the Packers kicking off a lot next week.

The Ugly

Tramon Williams took two bad pass interference calls. The Packer secondary hasn’t had many penalties this season, but these two penalties went for a combined 80 yards and the Vikings scored touchdowns on both the possessions. Time to clean that up, but I am not to worried about it since it hasn’t been an issue all season.

Mike Daniels had 2 sacks on Sunday night

Mike Daniels had 2 sacks on Sunday night

Next Up

The Chicago Bears are coming to Lambeau Field without Jay Cutler next week. Can the Packers contain Matt Forte? Is the defense going to struggle not playing the turnover machine Jay Cutler? Can’t wait for Monday Night!

Week 8 Green Bay Packers Preview – Minnesota Vikings


Week 8 brings a division match-up with the Minnesota Vikings (1-5), actually this kicks off four divisional games in the next six weeks. Starting strong here can really give the Green Bay Packers (4-2) a strangle hold on the division. Barring a miracle finish by the Vikings this will be the Packers last game in the Metrodome aka Mall of America Field. Since Mike McCarthy took over the head coach position the Packers are 10-4 against the Vikings and hold a 55–49-1 edge over the match-up’s history. So what do the Packers have to do to add to their record?

Keys to the Game

1. Adrian Peterson played against Green Bay three times last season and ran for 508 yards. That can’t happen this year. The Packers are 3rd in the league in rush defense at 79 yards per game. Will the Packers defense continue to swarm to the ball and make tackles?

AP ran all over the Packers in 2012, can the Packers slow him down?

AP ran all over the Packers in 2012, can the Packers slow him down?

2. Greg Jennings spent the off season doing a lot of talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but seems to have tightened his lips, which was probably the smart thing to do. The Packers need to ensure that Jennings does not get going in this game. He has been playing very sub-par this year and I am sure he wants to show the Packers they made a mistake, especially with all the WR injuries the Packers have in the passing game. The Packers secondary needs to keep him quiet!

3. Special teams coverage has been a disaster. Cordarrelle Patterson has been returning kick-offs at a 35.6  yards per return clip. If the Packers allow this to happen the defense will have to stop the Vikings on many short fields. Tim Masthay is going to need to kick that ball through the end zone every kick-off.

Player of the Game

Lattimore had 9 tackles 3 assists, one for a loss, a sack and a pass deflection.

Last week vs the Browns, Lattimore had 9 tackles, 3 assists, one for a loss, a sack and a pass deflection.

Rodgers and Eddie Lacy are going to have huge games and I mean huge games, we’re talking over 350 yards for Rodgers and 125 for Lacy. I could go with either of them and be good with my decision, but I am not going to do that! I am going to go defense here because that’s the key to stopping AP. I think Jamari Lattimore is going to have a beast game, the only issue is his playing time. Brad Jones may be back in the line-up this week, but the way Lattimore has played the last two weeks he will get on the field and when he does, he will do a great job against AP.


This is a divisional game so in theory it should be tough, but I don’t see that happening. I see the Packers starting quick and not letting up until the end. With all of their focus on stopping the San Francisco 49ers run game they are going to do much better against AP. I don’t see them keeping AP under their 79 yards per game run defense, but I could see AP working hard for every 100 of his yards. Packers win 38-13.

Why Does David Robinson Have Pink Hair and Beard?



David Robinson lost a bet to his students.

Ok, its probably not the David Robinson you were thinking of, but hey it is David Robinson in pink! Robinson is a teacher in Washington who wanted to get his students involved in the Fall Festival at their school. Robinson told the students that he would dye his hair and beard pink if they brought in 45 pounds of candy to donate to the school’s festival. Obviously with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month it had meaning, but more meaning that you know. Robinson’s mother died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was in his 30s and knew this was the time to step-up and bring more awareness to the world. This story has gone viral and it’s doing everything Robinson wanted.



Debo’s Top Five Thursday – Top Five Favorite Green Bay Packers

Welcome back to Debo’s Top Five Thursday, topic today? Top five favorite Green Bay Packers. So here’s the deal, I am only going to count the players that I have seen play. That means no Bart Starr or Paul Hornung because I have never seen them play and have only heard stories. Granted they are amazing stories, but they are not first hand experiences.

Since this is a top five countdown you will notice some notable players missing. Honorable mention goes to Sterling Sharpe, Clay Matthews, Darren Sharper and Chad Clifton. On to the countdown…

5. Donald Driver was drafted by the Packers in 1999 and really got going in 2002. “Over the next nine seasons, Donald catapulted past names like Don Hutson, James Lofton and Sterling Sharpe in the Packers’ record books. The four-time Pro Bowl selection holds nearly every Packers receiving record including most 1,000 seasons, most receptions, most receiving yards, most consecutive games with a reception, most receptions in the postseason and most games played by a wide receiver. Not bad for a guy that wasn’t even supposed to make the team his rookie year.” There was one play in particular against the San Francisco 49ers that showed Driver’s will to win. The other thing I love about Driver is his willingness to try new things as shown by his winning of Dancing With the Stars. Check out Driver’s new book “Driven” on sale now.


4. LeRoy Butler was the originator of the Lambeau Leap so he has to make this countdown. If you create something that every player on the Packers dreams of doing when they score a touchdown then you are damn important!


3. Aaron Rodgers has the chance to be the #1 Packer in my top five, but needs to keep this level going for another five years. No, Rodgers will not catch Brett Favre’s records, but he can become a legend in the eyes of all Packers fans (if he isn’t already). I love the way Rodgers is all business and plays with a chip on his shoulder, everyone knows that Alex Smith was drafted by the 49ers #1 overall and Rodgers fell to the Packers at #24. In 2010, Rodgers brought the Packers to the Super Bowl title, while introducing the world to the Championship Belt Celebration, better known now as the Discount Double Check. “Rodgers is the NFL’s all-time career leader in passer rating during the regular season with a rating of 104.9 and third all-time in the postseason with a rating of 103.6 (among passers with at least 1,500 and 150 pass attempts, respectively).He is currently the only quarterback to have a career passer rating of over 100.0. He also holds the league’s lowest career pass interception percentage for quarterbacks during the regular season at 1.7%, and the single season passer rating record of 122.5.” 


2. Reggie White came to the Packers as a free agent in 1993 and turned the Packers defense into a scary machine. White recorded 68.5 sacks as a Packer, which was a Packer record at the time. White played with passion on every play and that passion carried over to the entire team. Reggie White passed away in December 2004 from cardiac arrhythmia.


1. Brett Favre is the Green Bay Packers. Although Favre and the Packers had a rough split due to the Packers moving on when Favre was in retirement (AGAIN), he is the guy. Rodgers has done everything possible to get out of Favre’s shadow, but it is really hard when Favre leads every category for quarterbacks. Yes, he owns the interception record, but hey that’s what we loved and hated about him! He made bad throws trying to win the games, he believe his arm strength made it possible to make every throw out there! My favorite memory of Favre was when he played Monday Night Football days after his father’s death. That was the most extraordinary game I have ever seen played, Favre didn’t make the best of throws, but the passes found their mark every time. Here’s a look at some of Brett’s greatest plays! I literally almost forgot about the most ridiculous stat out there for Favre, he played in 297 straight games and 321 if you include playoffs, just wow!