Month: November 2013

Wake Up Wednesday – The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler

I know there are people out there that love Thanksgiving and with today being the Eve of that day I had to go with Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song for Wake Up Wednesday. Sorry about the cruddy video, I was hoping to get a live performance up there, but didn’t find one.

Gif Tuesday – The Interception That Lost the Lions the Game

Here is the interception that kept the Packers in the NFC North race. What a bounce to Tampa Bay, I almost feel bad for Matt Stafford here. Then I realized that half of his throws are just tossed up to Calvin Johnson and Johnson makes ridiculous catches!

Florida Gators are Good at Blocking…Themselves!

Credit: @sprtshumor on Twitter

Credit: @sprtshumor on Twitter

The Georgia Southern beat the Florida Gators on 26-20. To be honest the loss by the Gators isn’t that surprising because they have been awful this year, but to block your own teammate is just awful. Might be time to start thinking about some new blocking drills, maybe the Gators could buy the jerseys of the opposing team each weak and make the defense wear them at practice so that the offensive linemen can learn who is on their team. Who knows, it could start a trend!

Packers Bikini Girls Have Some Competition!

Remember these girls?

bikini girls


Well four different girls stepped to the plate on Sunday during the Vikings game!

packer girls


So who you got? Should there be points taken off these four ladies because the lady on the left isn’t matching and may not even have a Packers top? I would normally say yes, but then you realize she is only wearing a baseball cap and not a winter hat. So what say you?

Vote 1 for yellow and 2 for green

Fifth Grade Football Team Stands Up for Six Year Old Getting Bullied

WARNING: Tears will come in bunches!


dannyIf you just watched this video and it didn’t have a positive effect on you, then I am not sure I want to know you. This six year old had a brain hemorrhage that caused him to have childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and not only did he get picked on for that he got picked on for looking dapper! By choice Danny Keefe wore a shirt and tie to school every day, so of course that meant that he was a ‘nerd’ or ‘loser’, well guess what bullies? This kid is just killing it as a six year old. Keefe is doing his best Barney Stinson impression and suiting up! The way the team didn’t attack the bullies, but did a positive demonstration by having a Dress Like Danny Day is brilliant!

bullying_stops_here1This football team is amazing it makes you realize that all the bad we see in the world there are still good people and good deeds. In the end we have to believe that good will always overcome evil in this world because living in negativity will only cause us not to live our lives or let our children live their own lives. Bullying should not be a part of anyone’s childhood, but the craziest part is it is not only a childhood problem. As seen by the infamous Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and Miami Dolphin situation, even adults can feel bullied. Bullies are people that have their own insecurities or are getting bullied themselves and they feel that taking out their issues on others is a good way to feel better about themselves. The bullies are victims too and I think it is time for us as people to not just stand up to bullies, but to find out what is bothering them so that they can get some help too. We have had too many suicides and mass shootings for us not to step up!

P.S. Thanks to Randy Boyer for posting the original article!

Week 12 Green Bay Packers Preview – Minnesota Vikings



So here we are, the Green Bay Packers (5-5) are sitting outside the playoffs, but still in the race for the NFC North title. The wildcard hunt is an impossible road due to the tiebreakers so the Packers must with the NFC North to get into the playoffs. Everyone knows by now that the Packers are on their third string QB, but this game is a must win. If the Packers want to win the North they must win this game. The Minnesota Vikings (2-8) come to Lambeau Field with just about as bad QB play and hoping to give the Packers NFC North dominance a knock down a peg. With six winnable games left on the schedule the Packers need to start here with Scott Tolzien as their QB.

Keys to the Game

Frozen Tundra season is starting

Frozen Tundra season is starting

1. This will be the first real cold weather game of the season with temperatures in the mid 20s because of this, the game needs to take on a different form than Packers fans have been used to over the years with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. The Vikings are a dome team so the Packers need to take advantage of the home field advantage!

2. The Vikings can only win this game with a big game out of Adrian Peterson. The last meeting of these two teams AP only ran for 60 yards, but that was on 13 carries because the Packers got out to a big lead. The Packers were able to load the box because there was no threat of a passing game, but with the injuries to Sam Shields, Casey Hayward and Micah Hyde that could change in this game. I would rather make Matt Cassel beat the Packers than AP. I guarantee that AP will have more than 13 carries and with all the tackling problems this could be an issue for the Packers.

Time for Eddie Lacy to get back to his 100 yard ways

Time for Eddie Lacy to get back to his 100 yard ways

3. Eddie Lacy was shut down last week against the New York Giants, but he cannot be on Sunday. The Packers are going to need to run the ball to win this game. We are going to see the old Black & Blue NFC North in this game, it’s going to be ground and pound all day. Lacy has shown he can carry the Packers, he did it with Rodgers at QB and with Seneca Wallace at QB versus the Chicago Bears when Rodgers went down. Now he needs to help Tolzien and get the QB his first win.

4. Both the offensive and defensive lines need to control the line of scrimmage. Not only for run purposes, but to get after Cassel and to protect Tolzien. Over the last two weeks the Eagles and Giants have shown they are not afraid to blitz Tolzien, if the line can give Tolzien time to throw he has shown he can throw a great deep ball, completing 5 throws of over 30 yards last week. On the other side the Packers pass rush has been pretty awful recently and they need to get back to their ways. After five weeks of the NFL season the Packers were atop the sack rankings, but that is no longer true. It’s time for Clay Matthews to get going and for Dom Capers to get the scheme rolling.

5. I said it last week and I will say it again…turnovers, turnovers, turnovers…get them and stop them from happening. Without Rodgers under center the Packers the Packers have not put up a lot of points, which means they can’t let up points and can’t give up opportunities to score. Just get it done!

6. Mason Crosby made a couple big kicks in the first half last week in New York and he is going to have to do it again this week. No missed field goals and this is the Packers game.

Packers fans do not want to see this on Sunday!

Packers fans do not want to see this on Sunday!

Player of the Game

This will be Matthews 3rd game back from the thumb injury and he knows it is his time to lead, he will get it done in this game. I am predicting a two sack game with a forced fumble in there. If Matthews is not dominant in this game I am not sure the Packers can win.


As I said in the opening I see a Ground and Pound type of game which is going to lead to very few points. With how much this game means to Green Bay the fans are going to be crazy, not to mention hunting season opens on Saturday in Wisconsin. There are going to be some hyped up fans and this is going to carry them to a big victory to keep them in the NFC North contention. Packers win 16-10

Picture of the Week – Wedding Weekend



wedding wedding-71


This goes out to Kate and my friends Marian and Jack who will be getting married this weekend up in New Hampshire! We could not make the trek up north, but know that although we are not with you in person we are with you in our hearts. Have a wonderful wedding weekend and a lifetime of memories!