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Aaron Rodgers Injury Update – No Not That One…

(Scott Cooper-Williams/Press-Gazette Media)

(Scott Cooper-Williams/Press-Gazette Media)

This baby was born with a broken left-clavicle, the same clavicle that Aaron Rodgers #12 for the Green Bay Packers fractured three weeks ago against the Chicago Bears. Being huge Packers fans the couple did what any big Packers fan would do, name him “Aaron Rodger”. I would have done the same thing only probably is Hannah is a girl so it would have had to been spelled Erin and I don’t know if Rodger would be a good girls middle name. So the best we can do is make her a big Packers fan. By the way, how lucky is this kid? Born about two and a half miles from Lambeau Field, so one of the first sights the baby saw after leaving the hospital was Lambeau Field. Lucky kid! It took me 24 years to get to see Lambeau!

The Green Bay Press-Gazette tells the entire story.

And while the youngster still has to do some healing — and growing — before he is ready for some football, his parents already suspect the little guy will someday follow his namesake quarterback Aaron Rodgers onto the gridiron.

“He’ll be taking snaps,” his father, Kyle Dryer, said Tuesday as the family returned from the hospital and settled into their home on Green Bay’s west side.

Baby Aaron was born at 12:20 p.m. Sunday at St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay. He was a couple of weeks early, and his parents had not really settled on a name yet.

But when the nurses discovered the broken left collarbone — on the same side as the quarterback’s injury — the parents did not need long to choose a name. Kyle was the first to suggest it.

“I said, ‘That’s not a bad name,’” recalled the baby’s mother, Kristal Tyczkowski. “That’s when we knew.”

They dropped the “s” from Rodgers because they thought Rodger sounded better as a middle name.



Parent Arrested for Picking Up Children at School…What is Happening Out There?

via Yahoo

A Tennessee father of two found himself under arrest after attempting a school pickup on foot last week. The school policy is to wait in the car. “It’s ridiculous,” Jim Howe, a professional drag racer, tells Yahoo Shine, adding that he is “absolutely considering” legal action against the school. 

Howe uploaded a YouTube video of his confrontation with South Cumberland Elementary School resource officer Avery Aytes, who’s also a sheriff’s deputy, Saturday. The clip has since been viewed nearly 119,000 times. 

In the video, shot by Howe’s girlfriend, the 40-year-old dad is shown calmly debating the lack of safety in the new pickup policy and calling the sheriff to discuss the policy. The policy dictates that parents must wait in their cars in a line that can stretch to a mile long alongside a major highway, according to Howe. He adds that while students can get parental permission to walk along the highway to their parents’ cars, parents are no longer permitted to park and go into the school to get their kids.

“I didn’t intend to make a scene. But this is not about the policy,” explains Howe, whose 8-year-old and a 14-year-old attend the school in Crossville, Tennessee. “It’s about stripping parental rights away. You go in to get your kids, you should be able to get your kids.” 

Neither the school nor Cumberland County Sheriff Butch Burgess returned calls for comment fromYahoo Shine. 

In the video, before his arrest on a disorderly conduct charge, we see Howe telling Aytes, “They’re walking with me when school is dismissed, per state law.”

“No they’re not,” an agitated Aytes says.

Howe tells him, “Yes they are. You’re barking up the wrong tree,” to which Aytes responds that Howe is headed to county jail. “That’s fine, I’ve been there before,” Howe says.

Howe tells Yahoo Shine that while he’s never been convicted of a crime, he has been to jail because “sometimes things happen you can’t control.” 

Howe spoke to Shine while waiting in his car at school pickup, saying that he’ll follow the policy for the time being. “In [the school’s] defense, today they moved traffic off the road and into an overflow parking lot.” His court date is set for Dec. 2.

Wow, are you kidding me? There is no way in hell that something like this should happen. What if the parents don’t own a car and take a bus to pick up their children? I understand that they don’t want a bunch of adults walking the halls of the school, but there has to be a better policy than wait in your car and your children will be out. This father was a lot more calm than I would have been. To get arrested for picking up your children at school is ludicrous! If the father is on the list for allowable pick-ups then the children should be released. (barring being drunk or on drugs…can a school deny you your children for those reasons? Does anyone know this?”) I loved that he said “That’s ok, I’ve been there before” when to officer told him that he was going to jail.

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Video: BABY DEBA NAME ALERT!!! Jacob Shares the Secret!!!

Here are some examples of the Christmas stockings

Here are some examples of the Christmas stockings

Last week Kate asked me where we were on the name. At this point we had two different names that we really, really liked. We’ve been going back and forth for the last two months with these names, but when Kate asked that question I think we both knew what the name was. The reason she wanted to make a decision quickly is her friend is selling hand knit Christmas stockings for the Jason Vest Memorial Scholarship and Kate wanted to support the cause.

So back to the name situation, one of the names we were considering was Alyssa and it was our last addition to the list (a 2 name list). When Kate asked the question that night we realized that we were already using one name when at home and talking about Baby Deba. It was the name I would always use when talking to Baby Deba. Why would we change it? So that was the reasoning behind our decision.

I know a lot of you are wondering why we decided to share the name when we had always said we were going to wait until she was born. Well, I think our biggest worry was that we wanted to make the decision and be happy with it before telling people because we didn’t want anyone talking us out of the name. There are a lot of people that will make suggestions to couples choosing names, but when you officially make a decision less people will say “ugh I hate that name” or “I know a girl who had that name, didn’t like her”.

Well I know that all of you are like ok, be quiet and just share the name already, but if you want to know it you have to watch the video because Jacob wanted to tell everyone! Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Birthing classes end tomorrow night so expect something on those classes soon.

Mike Tyson Caught Giving Evander Holyfield His Ear Back…On Video!

Ok, maybe it was just a commercial, but tell me that wasn’t one of the funniest commercials you’ve seen in a while? Celebrating that Dennis Rodman takes a one way flight to N. Korea, Craig Sager burning those amazing suits and Brett Favre knowing when to call it “quits”…absolutely brilliant! This truly is the Week of Greatness. Thank you for the laugh Foot Locker!

Week 11 Green Bay Packers Power Rankings!








The losses keep piling, that is three in a row for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers had to have fallen at least five spots in the rankings this week. Between losing to a New York Giant team that really isn’t that good and having a roster that is reeling with injuries the current iteration of this team is not good! I want to believe that Aaron Rodgers is going to be a savior, but to be honest if the Packers lose to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday his return is going to be too late. Let’s see where ESPN, CBSSports and the NFL have the Packers this week… – 15 (13) – Eddie Lacy was hit at or behind the line on 10 of 14 rushes Sunday, the fourth time a player with 10 rushes finished with a negative yards before contact average. – 18 (13) – It’s amazing what losing a great quarterback like Aaron Rodgers can do to a team. If he doesn’t get back soon, they are done. – 14 (13) – A difficult spot for Scott Tolzien to be in was made even more arduous by Jason Pierre-Paul’s pick-six Sunday. Putting that disaster aside, we should note that the Packers were able to put up 394 yards without a running game. Remember that Green Bay next hosts a Vikings team that is similarly quarterback-deficient (though the Packers, of course, have an excuse), so if — IF — Aaron Rodgers can come back by Turkey Day, the NFC North still should be within reach. The Lions’ loss in Pittsburgh was huge.

So the Packers only fell five spots in one of the rankings? Wow, these guys must truly believe that the Lions and Bears are catchable. Tolzien hasn’t looked awful and another full week of practice could get the Packers a win over the Vikings, but you’ll have to check that out when the preview comes out.

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Wake Up Wednesday – Crystallize (Violin Dubstep) – Lindsey Stirling

So we got Kate’s mom this CD for her birthday and I was listening to Pandora (Tiesto and Ferry Corsten Station) and Lindsey Stirling came on. I was like this is weird, but then I listened to this song and realized it was pretty awesome. The video is pretty hot too, she’s getting down on the violin and dancing. I also shared Stirling with my aunt and she loved it too. I know you are all thinking it’s a little weird, but I am telling you this is pretty awesome music. Take a chance and Wake UP!!!!

My Take on the End of the Patriots/Panthers Game Last Night

***Disclaimer read the whole thing before you freak out***

Last night the Carolina Panthers beat the New England Patriots on what many are calling a controversial call. If you haven’t seen the play, you either live under a rock or don’t like football, but if you still haven’t seen it here it is…(all you Pats fans will be happy to see the title as “Brady gets screwed”)

Everyone that knows me knows how much I hate the Patriots and knows I love it when they get screwed over for a win, but let’s take a look back at somethings that show the “technical call was correct”

Let’s go back to the “tuck rule game”, again here you go if you need a refresher. If you are a true football fan by using your eyes you can tell that it was a fumble, but there are rules in the NFL and by rule that is an incomplete pass. Do I like giving the Patriots fans grief about it? Yup, of course I do, but unfortunately the call was correct by what is in the rule book.

Now let’s take a look at the game the Patriots lost against the New York Jets earlier this year, when Chris Jones was called for a pushing penalty on Nick Folk’s missed field goal. The penalty gave the Jets new life and a closer shot at a field which Folk made. Again, the call is terrible, but within the rule book it is the right call.

Last one (I promise), Ahmad Brooks put what looked like a clean hit on Drew Brees and the San Francisco 49ers got 100% screwed out of this game. Once again taking the rule book into consideration the call was right, Brooks went at the shoulders and his arm ended up following through and getting around the neck and head. This day and age the refs are going to call anything that looks awful and that is unfortunate.

Now we are full circle to last night’s game. Tom Brady dropped back to pass on the last play of the game (barring a defensive penalty) and threw 6-8 yards short of a wrapped up Rob Gronkowski which lead to an interception. The refs threw a flag for pass interference (I assume), but after getting together for a discussion they waived off the penalty and never explained the call to the coaches, players or fans. Every SINGLE Patriots fan I know wants pass interference called on that play, BUT by rule if a pass is uncatchable then there can’t be pass interference. The argument was that of course it was uncatchable because Gronk was being held. If Gronk tries to fight to come back for the ball that penalty is called and the Patriots get one last play for the win and this just like the other examples the rule book came into play and the correct call for no pass interference was called.

The Rule In Question

NFLMonday night’s officials determined there was no chance for tight end Rob Gronkowski to catch the last pass thrown by Tom Brady. Here is the rule in question:

 Rule 8, Section 5, Article 3 Permissible Acts

 Article 3 Permissible Acts by both teams while the ball is in the air. Acts that are permissible by a player include, but are not limited to:

 (c) Contact that would normally be considered pass interference, but the pass is clearly uncatchable by the involved players, except as specified in 8-3-2 and 8-5-4 pertaining to blocking downfield by the offense.

Now I know there are some angry Patriot fans right now, who think I am ridiculous in saying that, but again I did say that you need to read all of this. Here has been my issue with the complaints from Patriots fans, the rule is clear, but of course they want the ball at the 1 yard line with one more chance to win the game. I wish fans of any team would take a step back when a bad call happens and look at everything and ask for the right call (which again pass interference is not). The correct call that should have been made was defensive holding. The Patriots should have been given 5 yards and one more shot to win the game from the 13 yard line.

So yes the Patriots got screwed out of another chance for the win, but not for the reason the fans wanted. The call was made and its a tough pill to swallow, trust me I am Packers fan and watched the “Fail Mary”.

All we should want as fans is that the right call is made and technically, a pass interference non-call was right, but the refs still messed this up. There has to be a defensive holding call on Luke Kuechly in that position and if you aren’t going to make the call, you have to give an explanation of the reason to the coaches, players and fans.

Green Bay Packers Playoff Hopes Are Slipping – Week 11 Grades



The Green Bay Packers fell to 5-5 after their 27-13 loss to the New York Giants, which is their 3rd consecutive loss. The Packers are still in the playoff race thanks to the Detroit Lions 37-27 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the wild card race is getting a little too crowded. With five teams ahead of the Packers in the wild card, it maybe time to worry about winning the NFC North and to do it the Packers hold their own destiny. With games still to play against the Lions, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings, win those and Packers take the inside track. Before we get to those games we have to look back at this one to see what Green Bay needs to improve on to get the win against the Vikings next Sunday. On to the grades…

Keys to the Game

1. Protect Scott Tolzien from the pass rush. The Packers did not let up any sacks and only 5 QB hits. I wonder if that had more to do with Tolzien’s legs? Eddie Lacy never got going so the play action was never quite there. Grade C

Tramon Williams makes a diving interception

Tramon Williams makes a diving interception

2. Pressure Eli Manning into bad throws. The Packers had 4 sacks and 6 hits on the QB and a hurry led to a rushed throw that was intercepted by Tramon Williams, but I never felt like the pressure was going to get to him. The sacks and hits were after Manning held onto the ball. Grade B-

3. Tackling was terrible. As a team they had 79 tackles, but I would love to know how many missed tackles there were. It was atrocious for the 3rd straight game. Grade F

4. The Packers could not get off the field again. The time of possession was 10 minutes in favor of the Giants and the Packers let up two big runs on 4th and 1, that just can’t happen if you want to win! Grade F

5. Mason Crosby bounced back with a 2-2 day including a 57 yard FG that cut the Giants lead to 4 points going into halftime. Grade A

Player of the Game

Tramon Williams had eight tackles, a pass deflection and an interception, but the Giants had 25 receptions for 279 yards. I didn’t get the feeling that Williams was making tackles on running backs, but more of the fact that he was getting beat and making tackles on the receiver that caught the ball. Jason Pierre-Paul made one play and to me it was the play of the game and that makes him the player of the game! The Packers drove down the field scored a touchdown then came back and forced the Giants to a three and out with two sacks and took the momentum. That is until JPP jumped up and grabbed the ball out of mid-air and returned it for a 24 yard touchdown that provided the final deficit of the game.


My prediction was 27-20 and to be honest when I saw the Packers driving in the last 2 minutes I thought I had done it. Close, but not close enough!

The Good

Jarrett Boykin was again Scott Tolzien's favorite target

Jarrett Boykin was again Scott Tolzien’s favorite target

1. Mason Crosby is probably the only bright spot from Sunday. Set a team record for outdoor longest field goal.

2. Brad Jones had his best game of the season with a 13 tackles, a sack and 3 tackles for loss.

3. Scott Tolzien connected on 5 deep balls on Sunday.

The Bad

1. Kick-off return game is bad. Micah Hyde had a 23 yard average, but that was wiped out by 2 penalties.

2. The running game had its worst game of the season with only 55 yards.

3. Tolzien had three interceptions that really hurt the Packers chances in this game.

4. Fake punt of 4th and 7 bringing in a guy who doesn’t usually play punt protector may have let the cat out of the bag.

Mason Crosby sets a Packers outdoor record by hitting a 57 yard field goal

Mason Crosby sets a Packers outdoor record by hitting a 57 yard field goal

The Ugly

Stating the obvious here, but the back-up QBs have not gotten it done here. Three straight loses in damn ugly and it needs to change against the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers may need to find a way to get back because if the Packers lose this game playoff chances are pretty much over.

Next Week

The Packers head back to Lambeau Field to take on the Vikings, but are going to be watching the Lions vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bears vs St. Louis Rams games.



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Final Worlds Recap – MacLaughlin Truck & Trailer are your Champions!

2013 International Candlepin Champions MacLaughlin Truck & Trailer

2013 International Candlepin Champions MacLaughlin Truck & Trailer

So I got a couple messages from people that were expecting me to keep the updates coming through the playoffs, but I didn’t do that. I figured with Adam Melanson streaming the matches live I wasn’t needed and didn’t want to over saturate everyone, but I got some requests so I figured I would put together a nice little recap of everything.

What a week it was! The 2013 International Candlepin Championship had a little bit of everything this year! Here is just a glimpse

* Josh George throws 490 and breaks house record, only to be beat out the very next day by Rob Henderson throwing a 494

(Rob Henderson’s last 8 boxes of the 494. Source: Troy Colpitts)

* Fairlanes Town & Delivery broke a house record for team high triple at 2,075

* 20th Century Lanes broke the house record for team high single with 747

* In Sessa’s “500” pool, pretty much everyone picked Local Flavah for last place, but they fought hard and earned a playoff spot

* The high average race came down to the last match of the week and Jeff Surette beat out Josh George by 0.14

* 2oth Century Lanes came back twice from 40 pins + on Saturday to make the Finals

* There were 134 series of 400+ (not including playoffs)

* WMasshole Brian Mayer made his fourth consecutive Candlepin Championship final

So let’s get down to business here.

First off let’s thank Fairlanes for putting together what I here was a great tournament and for keeping everyone in the know of what happened throughout the week and the week end. From what I heard the crowds were great and it really helps get the sport out there.

Secondly, A huge shout out to Tommy Wood for keeping Candlepin Central up and running all week. Everyone really appreciated your hard work all week. It makes the people that are not able to be at the tournament know what is going on.

Third, I brought this up in the beginning, but I thought that the live stream by Adam was great. I felt like I was there, at one point I was yelling at the computer and the bowlers to “put it in the pit” and “blow it off the deck”. It also helped for me personally because 20th Century was streamed all day Saturday!


Fenway vs MacLaughlin

MacLaughlin got going early and the match was never seriously in doubt.

Lucky Strike vs 20th Century Lanes

Lucky Strike got up big after 2 strings, but 20th Centruy wasn’t ready to go home yet. 2oth Century put together a 70+ pin comeback in the last game to take the match by 5 pins.

(In the previous post I took MacLaughlin and 20th Century, good job me)


MacLaughlin vs Fairlanes Town & Delivery

MacLaughlin held off Town & Delivery thanks to a Josh George triple.

A+ vs 20th Century

20th Century did it again! 20th Century was down about 45 pins going into the final game of the match and everyone got going and they pulled off back to back come from behind victories.

(Did not post my picks, but I was all over 20th Century and MacLaughlin)


20th Century vs MacLaughlin

The first game of the match looked flat for both teams, but MT&T took a 22 pin lead. After the conclusion of the second game MT&T extended their lead to about 56 pins. You had that feeling that 20th Century would do it again, but that never materialized. They looked tired and couldn’t break up the splits and couldn’t get anything going. MT&T took advantage and finished them off.

(I stayed with 2oth Century here, but I was unable to go perfect throughout the playoffs)

Congratulations MacLaughlin Truck & Trailer on the 2013 International Candlepin Championship!