Gif Tuesday

GIF Tuesday – Watch Steven Stamkos’s Leg Injury

Credit to NESN

How gruesome is that? All that padding and it still doesn’t protect you. Gross! Steven Stamkos is a big loss for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Wishing for a quick recovery for Stamkos!


Gif Tuesday – Aaron Rodgers Injury

Credit to NESN

If Aaron Rodgers just falls instead of turning, maybe he knocks the wind out of himself. If Aaron Rodgers can continue falling and get on his back he doesn’t really get hurt. Football is a game of inches and it is shown right here. Get better soon Bro we are going to need you for a deep run.

It is Not Tuesday, but this Missed Dunk is an Amazing Gif!

Yup, I went a day early on Gif Tuesday! We’ll still see one tomorrow, but this had to be seen by everyone possible and had to be seen NOW! Hey Andrea Bargnani that did not work. Maybe stick to the jump shot.

P.S. This is how you do it! (its worth waiting through the advertisement)

Gif Tuesday – James Jones Lambeau Leap Gets Blocked

James Jones attempted a Lambeau Leap after his 83 yard touchdown reception vs the Lions, the only issue his first attempt was blocked by two Lions fans. Jones should have went in helmet first against these fans, you want to sit in the front row at Lambeau Field you have to let the Packers do their leap, I actually think that may be a federal law! So here is the real question, why in the world are Packers fans selling front row seats to Lions fans? Shouldn’t those season tickets be revoked now? I am in the 60,000 range for Packer season tickets, I think a new rule should be you sell tickets to Packers opponents, you lose your tickets!