Olive Garden is Stepping Up to the Burger Game

Move over, Umami and Ramen Burger. There’s a new burger in town.

As restaurants battle to lure diners amid intense competition, Olive Garden on Monday introduced its version of an American classic: the Italiano Burger. 

“As part of an ongoing brand transformation, Olive Garden is expanding the choice, variety and value we offer on our menu,” said company spokeswoman Tara Gray. “We have a strong lunch business and are known for our popular soup, salad and breadsticks but felt we have an opportunity to enhance the variety of menu items we offer our guests at lunch.”


Olive Garden's Italiano Bruger

Olive Garden’s Italiano Burger

I have to say that this is a brilliant idea! My family likes to go to Olive Garden, but my gramps is not a huge fan. We always seem to end up trying to convince him to try something and now he has a great option. This is not just a good thing for my family because I know that I am not the only person who has a picky eater in their family. Plus, garlic parmesan fries, are you kidding me? I see what you are doing Olive Garden!

P.S. How good are the salad and bread sticks? No seriously? Who doesn’t fill themselves up on the salad and bread sticks to the point they can only eat like three bites of their meal? #saladandbreadsticksforthewin




Picture of the Week! Our Thanksgiving Dinner!



Even though I am not a Thanksgiving lover and I move from Halloween to Christmas almost instantly. I do have to give Kate a shout out for some great food this past Thursday. A Paleo chicken, home made mac & cheese and some great stuffing. She fought through the kitchen as I watched the Packers get blown out and still had the energy to get out to Target and get Jacob a bunch of great Christmas gifts! Thanks Kate!

Fifth Grade Football Team Stands Up for Six Year Old Getting Bullied

WARNING: Tears will come in bunches!


dannyIf you just watched this video and it didn’t have a positive effect on you, then I am not sure I want to know you. This six year old had a brain hemorrhage that caused him to have childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and not only did he get picked on for that he got picked on for looking dapper! By choice Danny Keefe wore a shirt and tie to school every day, so of course that meant that he was a ‘nerd’ or ‘loser’, well guess what bullies? This kid is just killing it as a six year old. Keefe is doing his best Barney Stinson impression and suiting up! The way the team didn’t attack the bullies, but did a positive demonstration by having a Dress Like Danny Day is brilliant!

bullying_stops_here1This football team is amazing it makes you realize that all the bad we see in the world there are still good people and good deeds. In the end we have to believe that good will always overcome evil in this world because living in negativity will only cause us not to live our lives or let our children live their own lives. Bullying should not be a part of anyone’s childhood, but the craziest part is it is not only a childhood problem. As seen by the infamous Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and Miami Dolphin situation, even adults can feel bullied. Bullies are people that have their own insecurities or are getting bullied themselves and they feel that taking out their issues on others is a good way to feel better about themselves. The bullies are victims too and I think it is time for us as people to not just stand up to bullies, but to find out what is bothering them so that they can get some help too. We have had too many suicides and mass shootings for us not to step up!

P.S. Thanks to Randy Boyer for posting the original article!

Picture of the Week – Wedding Weekend



wedding wedding-71


This goes out to Kate and my friends Marian and Jack who will be getting married this weekend up in New Hampshire! We could not make the trek up north, but know that although we are not with you in person we are with you in our hearts. Have a wonderful wedding weekend and a lifetime of memories!

Today is the Great American Smokeout


On the third Thursday of November, The American Cancer Society encourages smokers to quit cigarettes with the “Great American Smokeout“. I love the idea, but I have one question: Do people really still smoke? No wait, seriously they do? I just don’t understand this at all. You know I’ll be honest I smoked a few cigarettes in my life, but that was a long time ago and even when I did it I didn’t understand it. One hundred percent of the times I smoked a cigarette I was drinking, which is not an excuse.

All I know is the smell in the air and on your clothes is awful. The fact it kills you should probably be a concern also. If you don’t care about yourself maybe you should care about 2nd hand smoke? I know plenty of people that complain that they can’t smoke anywhere anymore, guess what you aren’t going to here any complaints from me. It’s time for people to truly understand consequences of their actions and quit smoking. The science behind quitting is there and its now much easier to quit, do it for yourself, your family and your friends! Be sure to check out how you can quit smoking! 

The Waistline Kept Growing, But I Put A Stop to It!

October 17th Weight

October 17th Weight

Back on July 19th I wrote about how my waistline keeps growing and it was time to make a change. I also declared on that day that I wanted to lose 30 lbs by the time Baby Deba was born. Well, on October 17 I stepped on the scale which read 273.4 lbs and I realized that I gained 3.4 lbs in those last three months. So needless to say I am way behind the 8-ball when it comes to losing the 30 lbs. On October 17 I had been out of work for about 3 weeks and was basically laying there being lazy with all that free time. I mean yeah I got up and ran once or twice, but it wasn’t anything worth while. I ate a ton and let’s just say that the alcohol beverage intake was not low. I finally decided on October 17 that it was time to attack that 30 lbs for Kate, Jacob and Baby Deba.


Nov 7th Weight

Nov 7th Weight

Fast forward to November 7 and I turned in a weight of 266 lbs! Pretty excited about it too! In total that is 7.4 lbs in 3 weeks, not ground breaking numbers, but it is a great start. If I continued at this pace until January 12 (Deba’a due date) I will come up about 3 lbs short of my 30 lb goal. Looks like I have to step it up a little bit, but maybe not because I dropped 4 lbs in the last week by itself, which would be 36 lbs and boom crush my weight goal! Let’s get it!


How did it happen? I started lifting again, I can already see changes in my arms and I also started running and walking trails. I got into this groove of doing about 6 miles of running/walking a day 4 times a week. With view like these…

river pond

how can you go wrong? When I started doing this running I was setting a roaring pace of 12:00 minute plus for a mile, but on Tuesday I put an 8:40 minute mile on the board! Then for the next 4 miles I alternated 5 min of walking and 5 min of running. Things are looking up and I don’t plan on stopping. I feel better, obviously not great, but definitely better. I am happier and have more energy. I can only imagine what is going to happen when I have 20 lbs off my stomach.

Starting tomorrow I am going to add an ab workout 3 or 4 times a week, which should help my progress. I was going to add the workout this week, but my back has been pinching and making it a little hard to do some of things I want at the speed I want to do it. Getting this weight off is extremely important to keeping my back in shape so that is another reason I need to do this.