When Two Bad Shots on the PGA Tour Make You Believe You Should Be on Tour!!

The Players Championship 17th Hole

The Players Championship 17th Hole

Richard H. Lee had one of those moments that all of us UNprofessional golfers have lived through. To be honest I am the king of the monster drive laying 60 yards from the pin and finishing with a double bogey. I am in no way comparing what I have done, to being on the 17th green of The Players Championship and misplaying back to back shots, but it makes you feel like you could make the PGA Tour. I think I enjoy watching players struggle and hit bad shots more than I like watching good golf.

I hope that Lee just shook off the two bad shots, went to the clubhouse and took two Fireball shots and went to the bank and cashed his $20,000 check for FOUR days of golf.

Green Bay Packers vs SF 49ers Wild Card Weekend Preview

nfc 2013


Going into Monday November 4th’s divisional game with the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers were sitting on a 5-2 record looking like a team that was going to make a serious run at home field advantage in the NFC playoffs. Aaron Rodgers brought the Packers down the field on the opening drive and then settled for a field goal after being sacked by Shea McClellin. After that sack Rodgers went to the locker room and never came back in the game. The Packers fought the whole game, but ended up losing 27-20 when the defense couldn’t make a stop to give Seneca Wallace a chance to tie the game. The result of the game was bad, but the news on Rodgers was worse. Rodgers had a fractured collarbone and was expected to miss 6-8 weeks. Rodgers ended up missing 7 games and the Packers went 2-4-1 over those 7 games. Rodgers came back against the Bears in week 17 and lead the Packers on a 4th quarter touchdown drive that put the Packers into the playoffs thanks to a TON of help from the Bears and Detroit Lions.

* Lions finished the season by going 1-6 (including losses to TB Buccaneers, NY Giants and the Minnesota Vikings)

* Bears finished the season 3-5 after the win against the Packers on November 4th

The Packers are going to miss Jolly's run stopping ability

The Packers are going to miss Jolly’s run stopping ability

That is how we got to the Green Bay Packers winning the NFC North and hosting the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Lambeau Field. The 49ers have beat the Packers pretty handily over the last 3 games; week 1 in 2012, NFC Wild Card playoffs 2012 and week 1 this year. The 49ers believe they own the Packers and it is easy to understand why. If you add in the fact that the Packers will be without the “playmaker” Clay Matthews and an important run stopper Johnny Jolly the 49ers should be favored and they are, by 2.5 points (the last I saw). What is it going to take for the the Packers to beat the 49ers on Sunday in sub-zero temperatures?

Keys to Winning

1. The Packers need to embrace the cold on Sunday. As of right now the forecast is called for a high of -6 and low of -20.  The players need to show that they are the ones that play in Green Bay and not let the 49ers get comfortable. The best case scenario would be to win the coin toss, take the ball and put together a long opening drive and keep the 49ers offense on the sidelines trying to stay warm.

The Packers fans do not want to see Kaepernick doing this at Lambeau

The Packers fans do not want to see Kaepernick doing this at Lambeau

2. Stop Colin Kaepernick from running. Yes, Kapernick threw for over 400 yards in the week 1 match-up, but the weather is going to make it hard to pass and that will help the Packers defense. Without Jolly and Matthews the task of stopping Kaepernick is going to tough. AJ Hawk is going to have to step up even more than he has and have a career game. The defense is going to need to keep outside containment and stay in their lanes. This is going to be a tough task.

3. The Packers need to stick with the run and wear down the 49ers defense. Once the 49ers put an extra man in the box the Packers can pull out the play action and have the 49ers guessing in the second half. Eddie Lacy and James Starks are a great 1-2 punch and they need to show it on Sunday. If the Packers can win the turnover battle, then they can win the game.

Player of the Game

AJ Hawk needs to have a career game

AJ Hawk needs to have a career game

For the Packers to win this game the defense is going to have to play a perfect game. AJ Hawk will need to be the leader he has been all season and more. I am not expecting the one handed interception like he had against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I expect a forced fumble, double digit tackles and a sack.


The winner of the game between the 49ers and Packers will go to the Super Bowl. I see a low scoring game with the Packers pulling out the victory 24-20.

Avery Bradley Hits Horse Shot Over Backboard…During Game

No big deal, Avery Bradley just channeling his inner Larry Bird and sinking a shot from behind the backboard. Pretty awesome stuff. So who did it better Bird or Bradley?




Last Time the Seahawks and Saints Played, Beast Mode Was Born

I spend a ton of time talking about the Packers, but with tonight’s enormous match-up of the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints in Seattle  I had to remind everyone what happened last time they met, back in 2011 in the wild-card playoff round.

That right there is how a man runs! If only more running backs did that, Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch are about it. Eddie Lacy has a chance to do that, but he has a few years to learn the tricks.

I think the Saints win this game tonight with the Seahawks secondary a little beat up OR suspended.

Green Bay Packers Tidbits…Aaron Rodgers, Playoff Hopes and Debo’s Rants

This has been a trying year for the Green Bay Packers. Countless injuries have derailed a season that had the look of a contender. Five weeks ago the Packers welcomed the Chicago Bears to Lambeau Field, riding a 5-2 record and leading the NFC North looking to put a stranglehold on the division. Everything changed on one play, a play that looked like your typical sack when Shea McClellin landed on Rodgers on the first drive of the game. It is now five weeks later and Rodgers has not seen the field since. Over those five games the Packers are 0-4-1 and have started three different QBs; Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn.

The Packers got dominated on Thanksgiving Day!

The Packers got dominated on Thanksgiving Day!

The latest loss, 40-10 to the Detroit Lions was about as embarrassing as a game can get. The defense looks like they aren’t even trying anymore. How can a defense cause four turnovers, but yet the Packers still get blown out?

The Packers defense has to be exhausted, between the Minnesota Vikings and Lions game the defense has been on the field for over 160 plays compared to the offense who has only been on the field about 90 plays. Being exhausted means a ton of missed tackles, actually here is how bad it has been this year:

Missed tackles are not going to win you games!

Missed tackles are not going to win you games!

Through 12 games the defense has missed 98 tackles and the special teams unit has missed 20, if you compare that to the season totals of last year the defense had 68 missed tackles and the special teams had 11. There are still four games left in the season. Even with Rodgers there is no guarantee that the Packers would win out to make a run at the playoffs.

With that being said…


Packers Playoff Hopes

The Packers still have a shot at the wild card, but are going to have to win out and get A LOT of help. The Eagles, Cardinals, 49ers, Panthers and Bears all have to finish below them. The Panthers are at 9 wins already and would need to lose their remaining games to finish below the Packers. The 49ers in theory could finish 1-3 and would end up behind the Packers, but that is only two teams and I don’t see the Panthers losing out and I also don’t see the 49ers losing more than two games to finish the season. So let’s move on to a more realistic chance and that is winning the NFC North.

Cam Newton and the Panthers need one win to eliminate the Packers from the 5 seed

Cam Newton and the Panthers need one win to eliminate the Packers from the 5 seed

Detroit Lions (7-5)

@ Philadelphia Eagles

VS Baltimore Ravens

VS New York Giants

@ Minnesota Vikings

Chicago Bears (6-6)

VS Dallas Cowboys

@ Cleveland Browns

@ Philadelphia Eagles

VS Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers (5-6-1)

VS Atlanta Falcons

@ Dallas Cowboys

VS Pittsburgh Steelers

@ Chicago Bears

For the Packers to win the NFC North as said before they are going to have to win out and add in the Lions need to lose two of their four remaining games. The good news is the Packers only have to keep pace with the Bears and then beat them in week 17 to finish ahead of them. So the hopes of the Packers lay in the hands of the straight fire Nick Foles, an up and down Ravens team, a New York Giants team that has looked either really good or really bad (MOSTLY BAD) and a Vikings team that is going to want to win its last game in the Metrodome. I actually am not too stressed about the Packers chances, IF Aaron Rodgers is able to get back on the field in week 14.

Packers need to take back their home field advantage

Packers need to take back their home field advantage

I’m not going to make a prediction on whether we can win the division because right now I don’t think we can. It is going to take more than Aaron Rodgers return to turn this ship around, but you have to believe the faith and desire will be restored if he is back, right? Only time will tell!







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UMass Minutemen Men’s Basketball Nationally Ranked!

Chaz Williams is the leader of UMass, how he goes, so goes UMass. (photo credit: Thom Kendall)

Chaz Williams is the leader of UMass, how he goes, so goes UMass. (photo credit: Thom Kendall)

For the second week in a row the University of Massachusetts men’s basketball team is nationally ranked #21 in the AP Top 25. The Minutemen are sitting at 6-0 and are going to make a run at the A-10 title this year. Ever since Derek Kellogg took over as head coach, UMass has been improving and I expect to see that trend continue. This team has great balance, Chaz Williams is an on the go point guard and Cady Lalanne plays great on the inside. The question that surrounds this team is can they cut the turnovers? They are such a fast paced team that they make really bad turnovers that will cost them games against the top teams in the NCAA.

UMass has seven more games until they enter A-10 play. One thing that may be held against them as the season goes on is the lack of big time opponents. Other than Florida St., VCU, BYU and George Mason the schedule is a little soft, but all UMass can do is play the schedule that is given to them.

It’s about time that UMass is back in the national spotlight because I missed seeing them. Ever since moving to Maryland the amount of UMass I see on TV is slim to none and if they stay good I may get to see some games put on TV. It’s going to pretty great tracking the Minutemen this year.

Cady Lalanne is going to play a big part in UMass success (photo credit: Thom Kendall)

Cady Lalanne is going to play a big part in UMass success (photo credit: Thom Kendall)

Up this Week

Dec 3 – @ E. Michigan

Dec 7 – vs BYU

Florida Gators are Good at Blocking…Themselves!

Credit: @sprtshumor on Twitter

Credit: @sprtshumor on Twitter

The Georgia Southern beat the Florida Gators on 26-20. To be honest the loss by the Gators isn’t that surprising because they have been awful this year, but to block your own teammate is just awful. Might be time to start thinking about some new blocking drills, maybe the Gators could buy the jerseys of the opposing team each weak and make the defense wear them at practice so that the offensive linemen can learn who is on their team. Who knows, it could start a trend!