Apraxia of speech

Fifth Grade Football Team Stands Up for Six Year Old Getting Bullied

WARNING: Tears will come in bunches!


dannyIf you just watched this video and it didn’t have a positive effect on you, then I am not sure I want to know you. This six year old had a brain hemorrhage that caused him to have childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and not only did he get picked on for that he got picked on for looking dapper! By choice Danny Keefe wore a shirt and tie to school every day, so of course that meant that he was a ‘nerd’ or ‘loser’, well guess what bullies? This kid is just killing it as a six year old. Keefe is doing his best Barney Stinson impression and suiting up! The way the team didn’t attack the bullies, but did a positive demonstration by having a Dress Like Danny Day is brilliant!

bullying_stops_here1This football team is amazing it makes you realize that all the bad we see in the world there are still good people and good deeds. In the end we have to believe that good will always overcome evil in this world because living in negativity will only cause us not to live our lives or let our children live their own lives. Bullying should not be a part of anyone’s childhood, but the craziest part is it is not only a childhood problem. As seen by the infamous Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and Miami Dolphin situation, even adults can feel bullied. Bullies are people that have their own insecurities or are getting bullied themselves and they feel that taking out their issues on others is a good way to feel better about themselves. The bullies are victims too and I think it is time for us as people to not just stand up to bullies, but to find out what is bothering them so that they can get some help too. We have had too many suicides and mass shootings for us not to step up!

P.S. Thanks to Randy Boyer for posting the original article!