Baby Deba Update – Birth Class and Getting Ready

Yeah, I know that Hannah is her name as announced by Jacob a couple weeks ago, but I love calling her Baby Deba and will continue to do so until she arrives.

The week before Thanksgiving Kate and I finished up our three night birth class and you know what it was how can I say, very interesting. The first night we had to introduce ourselves to the group and give some information about due dates, hobbies etc. Kate and I were first so I introduced myself and then did Kate. We took turns answering what we were asked to, not thinking anything of it. Everyone else took their turns and  we moved on to the next section. I’ll fast forward to after the class when we were in the car, I turned to Kate and said “Is it just me or was it weird that none of the other mothers spoke during the introductions?” and Kate agreed and said she would have been irritated if I didn’t let her have a voice. I know that this has nothing to do with the baby, but it was an interesting observation.

laborSo back to the class, got to watch a lovely video of the stages of labor and low and behold we were lucky enough to see it all! Yup, full on shot and to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Kate and I were cracking up the whole time, not because we were being immature, but because of the way some of the other dads to be reacted. I’m sure you can imagine some of the reactions.

During the second class we watched another video about birth and went through the breathing exercises that they recommended. I realized then that helping Kate is going to be hard cause she kept laughing at me when I was helping her breathe and supporting her. The third class was more of the same, but overall it was a really helpful class for me. I learned a lot of great ways to support Kate and helped me realize that I am going to take a beating from Kate (love you baby).

The class got our butts into gear and we started packing the hospital bag and we got the crib set-up in our room. We also separated Baby Deba’s clothes by size and season so that we have less to do when she is home. We even picked out her coming home outfit and if you click HERE you won’t be able to see that outfit (sorry, I had to)! You’ll just have to wait until we take pictures leaving the hospital.

I think the hardest part about the whole birth is going to be finding some where for Jacob to go because depending on the time of day and what day it is, different people are available. I feel like we have to have a color coded calendar or something.

The good news is I know that we will figure it out because we always do.

P.S. Here are a couple of the hand made onesies the Turdburglar girls made for Baby Deba…

turd baby deba


Video: BABY DEBA NAME ALERT!!! Jacob Shares the Secret!!!

Here are some examples of the Christmas stockings

Here are some examples of the Christmas stockings

Last week Kate asked me where we were on the name. At this point we had two different names that we really, really liked. We’ve been going back and forth for the last two months with these names, but when Kate asked that question I think we both knew what the name was. The reason she wanted to make a decision quickly is her friend is selling hand knit Christmas stockings for the Jason Vest Memorial Scholarship and Kate wanted to support the cause.

So back to the name situation, one of the names we were considering was Alyssa and it was our last addition to the list (a 2 name list). When Kate asked the question that night we realized that we were already using one name when at home and talking about Baby Deba. It was the name I would always use when talking to Baby Deba. Why would we change it? So that was the reasoning behind our decision.

I know a lot of you are wondering why we decided to share the name when we had always said we were going to wait until she was born. Well, I think our biggest worry was that we wanted to make the decision and be happy with it before telling people because we didn’t want anyone talking us out of the name. There are a lot of people that will make suggestions to couples choosing names, but when you officially make a decision less people will say “ugh I hate that name” or “I know a girl who had that name, didn’t like her”.

Well I know that all of you are like ok, be quiet and just share the name already, but if you want to know it you have to watch the video because Jacob wanted to tell everyone! Enjoy 🙂

P.S. Birthing classes end tomorrow night so expect something on those classes soon.

Baby Deba Time! Working on 10 weeks

I can’t believe that at this time next week I will be saying that we are under 10 weeks left until our beautiful baby girl is expected to come! Today we are sitting on 10 weeks and 4 days and although that seems like an eternity, I can definitely say that it’s going to be here so quickly. Every day that passes seems to go quicker, well for me at least because I can’t speak for Kate! I know that her back is beginning to hurt a little more now and that she is not getting full nights rest anymore. To be honest I am not really getting full night’s rest either. I am not sure if its due to the baby coming or my unemployment situation, but either way I have had a hard time sleeping. I guess that will help for when the baby is born and needs to be tended to.

It’s becoming a real possibility that I may not have a job when baby girl comes and I would not be upset by that. It would save us money on Jacob and infant daycare and I would get to spend a ton of time with both of my children. Don’t get me wrong, I need to work and that is my number one objective, but to be honest if I don’t have a job by the time she is born, that search may take a back seat for a couple months. Is that bad? I don’t think so. I mean maybe Kate can start making triple her current salary and then I could be a stay at home dad. I’d be pretty awesome! I mean I would have the cooking and cleaning down because it would be about four months of doing it, I’d just have to add a baby and a 4 year old. Ok, that was a scary sentence.

Jacob is getting excited for his sister, he keeps saying “my sister is coming soon!”, that reminds me we still need to sign him up for big brother class. I guess that is something I will do prior to next week. Baby-Girl-Cartoon-clipart_17

So let’s talk names here. I have had people agree with the idea that we are not going to share the name with everyone until the baby is born. I have also had people that think we should share the name because if they have any issues with the name and actually say they don’t like aren’t the people that are going to be around her that often any way. Well, I see both sides and while we are still thinking we are going to keep the name a secret, I will share that we are now up to two names that we really like. We want to pick the name soon so we can get her Christmas stocking this year in case she comes for Christmas. I know what you are all thinking, even if she is here she won’t know she doesn’t have a stocking, but guess what? I love Christmas and I want her to be able to share our traditions as soon as she can!

So here is the deal, send me your name ideas either in the comment section or through Twitter @debo2pt, I would love to hear them. If there are any names that are in a bunch I will be sure to share them with everyone. ***Disclaimer: Just because you send a name in or I use the name in a post does not mean we will use it. I just want to hear your ideas***

Our Baby BBQ!

Over Labor Day Weekend Kate and I traveled up to Massachusetts with Jacob. The reason for the trip was my mother and good friend threw us a baby shower, wait let’s get it right, a baby BBQ. You may be asking yourself what is a baby BBQ? Well, its kind of like a baby shower, but a lot more fun. The BBQ was coed so that everyone could join in the fun. We got a lot of wonderful gifts from our friends and family and we are very blessed. One of my favorite gifts was a green and yellow tutu with matching Green Bay Packers headband.

It was a great time to visit with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while, I couldn’t tell you how long it had been since I seen my uncle. Kate got to meet many of the people that we haven’t had time to visit in our various trips to Massachusetts, but as always it’s never long enough.

Under the Sea Cupcakes

Under the Sea Cupcakes

Baby Mermaid Cake Topper

Baby Mermaid Cake Topper


Shots by Stefani provided some adult fun

Shots By Stefani provided jello shots for the party and Skullcake’s Cupcakes provided under water themed cupcakes and a baby mermaid cake topper.













Old Fashion Family Vacation

We recently just got back from a family vacation in Fenwick Island, DE. Family vacations were always fun as a kid right? You just go and do what you want and get what you want. Now as a father and a father to be, vacation takes on a different point of view! Kate and I are now the ones carrying the toys, blankets, chairs, coolers and umbrellas from the car to the beach. Just think next year’s family vacation we will be heading to the beach with two children in tow. Add to the list of things to carry, a pack and play and possibly a beach tent for nap time. We are going to end up with an entire apartment on the sand!

So why do we do it? If we know that we are going to have to do a ton of work and spend extra money why do we go on family vacations? Why do we continually go away when our children cry because they don’t want to leave the beach or throw a temper tantrum when they can’t sit in the car they want to on the rides on the boardwalk or when we tell them no we won’t buy them everything they want? To be honest we do it to see the joy and happiness in our children’s faces when they are finally on the car they wanted to ride or when they are chasing the waves or when Nana and Papa buy them the ice cream truck as a surprise! It truly makes all the tough times worth it to see your child so happy.

Although vacations for parents are much more work and sometimes can be a little stressful, I can’t wait to continue taking Jacob and Little Deba to different places. I want to make sure that they both get a lifetime of memories just like all of us that have been on family vacations have.

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My Life is About to Change!

Most of you already know that last Friday Kate and I found out that we are having a baby girl!! (aka Little Deba, thanks C-Dot)

I won’t get too much into the gender reveal because its been a few days, but if you want to read a little something about it check out Final Gender Reveal by Kate.

Saying that my life is about to change is pretty obvious, I mean we are having a baby! We are adding a second child to our home which is scary, but amazing. Kate has a son from another father, but there is no doubt in my mine that he is my son. I wasn’t around for the baby years so I have not had those experiences and add in that the baby is a girl and we are both starting a new. Honestly I think that this is really good for Kate and I as a couple. We get to experience raising a baby girl together and I think this is why I am even more excited about having a girl. We have to go through the purchasing of all the baby stuff together, but if it was a boy we would have most likely used J’s old stuff and would miss those experiences together. Add in the fact that J gets to be involved with everything, we are going to have a really strong family.

J doesn’t realize that his world is about to be turned upside down by Little Deba, but Kate and I are working on a plan for that. When you are an only child for your entire life (as short as it may be) you are going to get jealous if other children are stealing the spotlight. Both Kate and I have to make sure that when the other has Deba the other is spending quality time with J. Another way we are going to help J adjust is by taking him to big brother class, where he will learn how to be around and hold the baby.

We have a new adventure together and I can’t wait for it! I can’t to grow as a couple and a family. I would love to here from anyone that has experience with bringing a second child into the picture, about how the first child handled it.


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