Green Bay Packers Bikini Girls

Packers Bikini Girls Have Some Competition!

Remember these girls?

bikini girls


Well four different girls stepped to the plate on Sunday during the Vikings game!

packer girls


So who you got? Should there be points taken off these four ladies because the lady on the left isn’t matching and may not even have a Packers top? I would normally say yes, but then you realize she is only wearing a baseball cap and not a winter hat. So what say you?

Vote 1 for yellow and 2 for green

Poll! Would You Rather the Packers Bikini Girls or This Old Woman?

So this one ought to be fun!


We are talking about “the” Green Bay Packers Bikini Girls here! These girls go to every Packers game at home in their bikinis, yeah that includes December and January games at Lambeau Field, you know the Frozen Tundra! I saw them for the first time back in December of 2004, which was my first Lambeau game. It was so cold out that when we took the beer out of the van to unpack the grill, it froze in 10 minutes! Yet these ladies were in their cheesehead bikinis.



This lady is a BAWSE right? Yup, I’m 75 and I have a green mohawk with the Packers logo dyed into my hair. Oh, and I have two ear piercings with two different Packers earrings, not to mention the stylish Packer glasses. (Those are not sunglasses boys and girls, that is everyday eye wear!) To be honest this lady had to be the original bikini girl right? Back in her younger days when football players didn’t wear face masks, you know she was in the stands wearing her pin-up Packers outfit!

I’m taking this lady for the win! Yeah, the bikini girls are insane and are decked out, but this woman is still rocking it! I don’t see how you don’t pick her!

So the three bikini girls vs old mohawk lady, who you got?

Shout out to Cebo for the picture