Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Gif Tuesday – Packers Coach Mike McCarthy’s Reaction of 49ers Game Winning FG

It’s the first Gif Tuesday of the New Year and I had to come out with the pain. Mike McCarthy’s reaction was the same exact reaction I had on Sunday. First, we think Davon House is going to block the FG, but no it goes between his arms! (wait, what????). Second, It looked like Dawson pushed it right. Third, not so much…Fuck. Season over…

Good season Packers, but the key to next year is can this team stay healthy?

Jermichael Finley Update

As we all know Jermichael Finley of the Green Bay Packers left the game yesterday on a stretcher and spent Sunday night in the ICU. Finley recently went to Twitter to share an update that he is out of the ICU and has been up and moving around! This is great news for Finley.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy spent Sunday night with Finley in the hospital and had this to say to reporters today when talking about Finley’s injury:

“He’s in good spirits,” said McCarthy, who noted Finley spent Sunday night in the hospital and was still there as of Monday afternoon for further examination.

“Jermichael is very upbeat, very positive, always has a smile on his face. He’s focused on what’s most important, and that’s his health and his family.”