Wake Up Wednesday – The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler

I know there are people out there that love Thanksgiving and with today being the Eve of that day I had to go with Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song for Wake Up Wednesday. Sorry about the cruddy video, I was hoping to get a live performance up there, but didn’t find one.

Only 33 Days Until Christmas – Here’s a Song for You Christmas Haters!

The 12 Pains of Christmas!

Classic song here! Even though I love everything possible about Christmas this song makes me laugh! Kate and I love heading out to find our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I love to hang Christmas lights, so a few of these things don’t bother me, but I get it.


Debo’s Thursday Top Five – Holidays

Debo’s Top Five Thursday is back with the holiday edition! Today is Halloween and it got me to thinking, where does Halloween land in my favorite holidays? Any one who knows me knows what my #1 is going to be! What holidays fill in my top five?

5. Thanksgiving – Listen I am going to get a lot of ish for this, but some holiday had to fall into the #5 spot. The thing that everyone loves about Thanksgiving, I hate. I am not a fan of a lot of the traditional food of Thanksgiving. Last year Kate made lamb and that was cool. I think the reason that Thanksgiving made the list is because of football. There is football on all day and back when I lived in Massachusetts I would go to Thanksgiving Day high school football games with my family. It is definitely where a lot of great memories were made. I do wish that there were high school football games here in in Maryland on Thanksgiving because I would love for Jacob to join in that tradition.

4. New Year’s Eve – This is a day where we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. There are many ways to celebrate the New Year, when I was younger it was out partying and now with Jacob and baby girl coming, staying in and enjoying the family is where its at.

3. Fourth of July – America’s Independence Day! It’s not just about the parties and fireworks, its about America being the greatest country in the world. I don’t want to water this day down by writing too much…


2. Halloween – ┬áCostumes and Candy. I’ll be taking part in going Trick or Treating with Jacob for the first time ever today and will then add baby girl to it, it just sounds amazing. I also love to dress up, so there’s that.


1. Christmas – There are not enough words to explain why Christmas tops my list. I don’t even mean just Christmas Day, I mean the entire season of Christmas. It’s just a happy time for me. The music, the lights, Christmas tree, there is nothing bad about this holiday! I love driving around at night a seeing all the houses decorated with lights. I love watching the faces of my family when they open their gifts. I love that Kate and I have a tradition of going to get our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. It’s coming quick everyone, get ready for it! Only 55 days left!



P.S. This is me!