Picture of the week

Picture of the Week! Our Thanksgiving Dinner!



Even though I am not a Thanksgiving lover and I move from Halloween to Christmas almost instantly. I do have to give Kate a shout out for some great food this past Thursday. A Paleo chicken, home made mac & cheese and some great stuffing. She fought through the kitchen as I watched the Packers get blown out and still had the energy to get out to Target and get Jacob a bunch of great Christmas gifts! Thanks Kate!


Picture of the Week – Wedding Weekend



wedding wedding-71


This goes out to Kate and my friends Marian and Jack who will be getting married this weekend up in New Hampshire! We could not make the trek up north, but know that although we are not with you in person we are with you in our hearts. Have a wonderful wedding weekend and a lifetime of memories!

Picture of the Week: Ship Sailing to the End of Earth

I brought this up in a prior post, @Earthpix has some amazing pictures check them out!

This picture is stunning, looks like the ship is about to sail off the edge of Earth, but I guess Christopher Columbus proved that is impossible.