Month: May 2014

When Two Bad Shots on the PGA Tour Make You Believe You Should Be on Tour!!

The Players Championship 17th Hole

The Players Championship 17th Hole

Richard H. Lee had one of those moments that all of us UNprofessional golfers have lived through. To be honest I am the king of the monster drive laying 60 yards from the pin and finishing with a double bogey. I am in no way comparing what I have done, to being on the 17th green of The Players Championship and misplaying back to back shots, but it makes you feel like you could make the PGA Tour. I think I enjoy watching players struggle and hit bad shots more than I like watching good golf.

I hope that Lee just shook off the two bad shots, went to the clubhouse and took two Fireball shots and went to the bank and cashed his $20,000 check for FOUR days of golf.


Gif Tuesday – Habs Fans Throwing Trash at Milan Lucic After Game 6


Trash was flying at the Bell Centre.

Did someone say that Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadians have a seriously rivalry? Wednesday night will be the 9th Game 7 between these two teams and just like Shawn Thornton’s “squirt” of PK Subban this is going to fire up Milan Lucic and the rest of the Bruins. They should be fired up by their fairly embarrassing effort last night, I would hate to be the Canadians.

I could sit here and call the Habs fans classless, but again just like the racist Tweets┬áit was a hand full of fans that were trying to goad Lucic into something. He didn’t bite and is now pissed. Bring on Wednesday. Bring on Game 7. Bring on the Big Bad Bruins. The Garden is going to be hopping and this is why winning the President’s Trophy was important.

P.S. Once the ref sees what happens how quick does he get out of there thinking all hell is going to break loose!