Month: August 2013

Atlanta Braves First Team to 80 Wins!

The Atlanta Braves are the first team in the Major Leagues to reach 80 wins with Chris Johnson’s walk off single against the Cleveland Indians. They also dropped the Washington Nationals elimonation number down to to 18, lowest among all first and second place teams.

These Braves have fought a lot of adversity this season between losing Johnny Venters and Eric O’Flaherty to injury at the beginning of the season, losing their #1 pitcher in Tim Hudson to a gruesome ankle injury and now losing an on fire Jason Heyward with a broken jaw. All those losses and reasons to fall back to earth the Braves have not faltered.

I’m not saying the Braves are going to win the World Series because until someone stops the Cardinals they have to be the favorites to win it, but if there was a team to do it, it is the 2013 Braves.


Same Bike Gets Stolen Two Times!

via GrindTV

A woman in Vancouver whose bike was stolen discovered someone was selling it on Craigslist and went about stealing the bike back in a hilarious tale she shared on Facebook and Reddit.

Kayla Smith had her bike stolen from a friend’s house last Wednesday and posted on Facebook, “that I was disappointed and sad because I had worked so hard for the bike. I absolutely love, love, love my bike. So needless to say I was choked.”


This crazy woman taking the law into her own hands! Hey police you don’t want to help me? I got this myself! Two wrongs made a right here! Only reason this was successful is because it was up in Washington because I’ll tell you what, if this woman tried to pull that stuff in Baltimore she would not have got away with the bike. I’m not going to say exactly what would happen, but I’m sure you have heard about Baltimore.

I’m glad she got her bike back, but this could have happened



Marlon Byrd Traded to Pittsburgh on Marlon Bryd T-Shirt Night!

Marlon Bryd of the New York Mets is having a pretty good season. There was a 2-3 week time frame where he carried my fantasy team, but with the Mets out of the playoffs (again) they decided to give Bryd a shot at a Wrold Series by trading him and Jon Buck to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sounds like a pretty good deal for Byrd! Well come to find the trade happened on the day that the Mets were giving out Marlon Bryd “Let it Fly” t-shirts (see picture below) to the first 30,000 fans to arrive at Citi Field.


This is not the only time the Mets have had a public relations nightmare this season. The Met’s were going to have a Native American Heritage Night in July, but ended up changing the date because the Atlanta Braves were in town and did not want to cause a negative reaction by media. The group the Mets were partnered with pulled out completely because the Mets changed the plans. (Read More)

The Mets are starting to turn into the Jets here, can’t do anything right.

Although this has nothing to do with the topic at hand, let’s enjoy a Larry “Chipper” Jones tribute because he was someone who always gave the Mets nightmares!



Green Bay’s Running Back Situation is Getting Clearer.



GREEN BAY–The Packers have likely lost running back DuJuan Harris for the season to a knee injury. Following practice on Tuesday, Head Coach Mike McCarthy announced that Harris would be placed on the injured reserve list.

“He’s a young player I felt would be an impactful player for us on offense. It’s a tough blow for him. DuJuan was a big part of my individual focus for the season,” McCarthy said, referring to Harris and second-round draft pick Eddie Lacy forming “1-2 punch format” in the Packers backfield.

In last Friday’s loss to Seattle, Harris reinjured the knee that had kept him out of the first few weeks of training camp. The Seattle game was Harris’ first game back. He had flashed his trademark quickness in practice last week and there was talk of Harris and Lacy being complements to each other in a re-tooled running attack.

“What happens in Kansas City will say a lot about the remaining players in that group,” McCarthy said of the Packers running backs. McCarthy spoke prominently of veteran James Starks and Alex Green.

“It’s a long year. You need them all,” McCarthy said.

Down goes Dujuan Harris, James Starks has looked awful, as has Jonathon Franklin. So Eddie Lacy you are the man! I mean this makes sense we used a 2nd round pick on him so I think he should have been the starter out of the gate. Dude can pick up the blitz and run over a linebacker, he is going to be a beast! If Lacy is able to read the zone blocking holes this offense will be unstoppable, imagine the Packers with a legit play action pass? It has to scare defenses everywhere.

P.S. My Packers Predictions are coming the weekend keep an eye out!



Hey Boston fans, the Bruins are back at it!


A few months after the Bruins blew game 6 vs the Chicago Blackhawks they are back on the ice with their new toy Jerome Iginla.

It’s hard to believe that the season is a mere 5 weeks away! Thursday October 3 the Bruins drop the puck on the 2013-2014 season against the Tampa Bay Lightening.