The New Aaron Rodgers and Seth Rogen ESPN Promo is Comedy Gold!

If you haven’t see the commercial yet, check it out below. Seth Rogen has no idea who Aaron Rodgers is and Zac Efron helps Rogen figure it out. I have to say that Rodgers is pretty awesome in all the commercials he has been. Do you remember Peyton Manning’s “Cut That Meat” commercial? Rodger’s is tossing out commercials as funny as that one, at will! All he needs to do is get on SNL and compete against Manning in a whole different type of game!


James Avery aka Uncle Passes Away at the Age of 68


James Avery of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” passed away from complications from open heart surgery on New Year’s Eve. Uncle Phil was such a great character, this was a rich man who instilled work ethic into his children. Even though Carlton wanted to have the silver spoon, Uncle Phil would not let him. This is a man who stepped up to help his struggling nephew Will and be the father figure he needed, even when Will’s father shows up and Phil expects him to burn Will again. Avery played this character perfectly and I am not sure any other actor could have done better. The show would have been doomed if Avery left, like the original Aunt Vivian did.

So for that thank you James Avery for the memories and rest in peace. Most of us 30 somethings learned a lot of great lessons from Uncle Phil that will stay with us for a long, long time!

P.S. One of my top scenes from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Tecmo Super Bowl Recreates Iron Bowl Miracle

Back in the 90s Cebo and I would sit in front of the TV and play Tecmo Super Bowl on Nintendo for hours. We would play entire seasons in a night, ok we never made it through an entire season once. We usually would get to week 10 and then decide that we wanted to be a different team and start over. Sometimes we would even simulate the first five weeks of the season and we would each pick the team with the worse record and try to make the playoffs. I’ll let you in on a secret, while one of us is playing our game the other would be in the corner writing raps, yup that is a true statement!

We’ve been talking about getting Tecmo Super Bowl and having a day of old school Nintendo football playing and drinking of some beer. This video shows why Tecmo Super Bowl is considered one of the best football games in video game history.

For other Tecmo Super Bowl creations check them out on YouTube

Darth Vader Selfie Coming in Hot!

darth vader


No big deal, Darth Vader just taking out rebels and taking selfies for the Star Wars Instagram. I have to say the dude has some skill, most people that take selfies use the camera turn around function on their phone, but not Darth. He just uses the force and takes a perfect picture.

P.S. If you had the force what would you use it for?

Packers Bikini Girls Have Some Competition!

Remember these girls?

bikini girls


Well four different girls stepped to the plate on Sunday during the Vikings game!

packer girls


So who you got? Should there be points taken off these four ladies because the lady on the left isn’t matching and may not even have a Packers top? I would normally say yes, but then you realize she is only wearing a baseball cap and not a winter hat. So what say you?

Vote 1 for yellow and 2 for green

Only 33 Days Until Christmas – Here’s a Song for You Christmas Haters!

The 12 Pains of Christmas!

Classic song here! Even though I love everything possible about Christmas this song makes me laugh! Kate and I love heading out to find our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. I love to hang Christmas lights, so a few of these things don’t bother me, but I get it.